Company Name: MADDAWG Realty
Primary Contact: Mike Darrow
Title: Broker/Owner
Street Address: 202 Overlook Trail
City: Clemmons
State: NC
Zip Code: 27012
Phone: (336) 225-0868
Website: maddawgrealty.comDescription of Business: Mike Darrow and MADDAWG Realty is all about serving others – helping buyers and sellers connect, and assisting people in finding their dream home, making that next life-stage move, as a natural extension of that passion to serve. And best of all, Mike gets results – sold homes, and happy buyers in their perfect home!MADDAWG Realty is a primary sponsor of MADDAWG Ministries – with every home sold, we donate to the work of the ministry.

Business Categories (Please note your classification): Real Estate

Categories: Real EstateRealtySilver

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